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    I was already in pure shock: what was just a 3-foot-tall pony became a 5-foot-tall, technicolor Pegasus mare.  The Pegasi's name is Rainbow Dash, who now stood above me.  Her mane was blended in while the colors remained apart.  Her wings were now bigger than her older wings were.  Also, her C-Mark was much bigger; the lightning bolt ran down her hind legs while the cloud covered most of her flanks.  Plus, her back seemed lower and her rump was somehow more muscular; her forelegs and hind legs were more horse-like.  Dashie's tail was also more horse-like, and as for her was shinning as bright as Airwolf's armor plating in the evening sun.
    "Thanks for the tune-up, Tron!" Rainbow boomed, her voice with a slightly deeper pitch.  "Thanks..." I muttered quietly.  One of my most favorited ponies was now a super-mare.  She stared at me with her violet/pink eyes beaming.  "Wanna try it out with me?" The Pegasus asked.  I gasped, before saying, "You mean it?" She nodded, then lowered herself a little.  I went to her side (with the exception of her wings making it difficult to climb on before she moved them for me), and placed my hands onto her back.
    Her soft, smooth coat was now a slippery mass of soft fur.  I jumped up a little as an attempt to mount, but my attempt failed.  After another attempt. I was almost onto her back before gravity pulled me down.  "Allow me." Dashie claimed as she used her left wing to boost me up onto her back.  Then, I swung my right leg over her rump, and wrapped my arms around her broadened neck, though to my surprise, my arms were still able to be wrapped around her new neck.  'Rainbow Dash 2.0' then got up before saying, "Are you ready?"
    "Yeah...I'm ready."
    "Good, now hold on tight!"
    When she said those three words, I knew I was in for the ride of my life.  I squeezed my legs, closed my eyes tightly, and tightened my grip as tight as I can before she broke into a full gallop (with the exception of my face pressing against the back of her neck).  I never felt this much power from a mare, let alone this sort of acceleration!  My heart was pounding louder than the whooshing of the wind, and her thundering hooves along the ground. Her silky, thick mane was sweeping into my face.  This went on for a while, until I felt a jumping motion.  We must have taken off...
    After a terrifying minute - which felt like five minutes - I opened my eyes and lifted my head from Rainbow's neck and looked over my right side.  I couldn't believe it; I was riding Rainbow Dash for the first time!  The forest below went past us as we flew out of the forest, and away from the safety of my base.  "Like the ride so far?" Rainbow hollered to me.  "Best! Flight! EVER!!" I shouted back.  "Good, since we're about to go faster!" But before I can reply, Rainbow then accelerated, forcing me to wrap my arms around her neck, and shut my eyes.
    "HOLD ON TI-I-IGHT!!!" Rainbow shouted back as she shot straight up into the air, with me holding on for dear life.  Within 15 seconds, she then leveled out, but this time, she was traveling a fair bit faster than before.  I was already scared enough: we must be a mile off the ground traveling at about 180 miles an hour!   As to make matters even more frightening, the Pegasus I was on is said to be the fastest in her world.  "Rain...bow...can you, slow, down, a little...?" I strained through her whipping mane.  "C'mon, buddy!  If you can fly planes, then you can fly with me!" Rainbow called back to me.  Son of a Barrett, I thought to myself.  Dashie has already started to like this body, and I thought getting chased by a missile was bad enough.  I groaned quietly as she sped on.  Later, she did a few maneuvers, which nearly threw me off her back, also some barrel rolls, loops, and other stunts.  Is she using me as extra weight to get into that team, I thought angrily to myself.
    This sort of thing went on a long this point, I was no longer using my death-grip, but rather holding on by her mane.  "Well, this isn't so bad" I chuckled.  I then saw Dashie look over her shoulder to me, giving me a devious gleam in her eye.  Almost immediately, my joy faded away, and fear returned.  She then turned away from me, rose a little, the dove straight down.  The downward force was so fast, I was thrown from her back.  "WHOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I was flung off of the only thing that kept me off the ground.  "WHAT WAS I THINKI-I-I-ING?!?!" I screamed loudly, but I knew it wouldn't matter anyways, since I saw the ground coming up towards me.  For then I closed my eyes; praying that Dashie will return to me. The wind tore at me, making my eyes water a bit.  I took a peek every once after about 20 seconds of free-fall, and what I thought I saw was...Rainbow Dash!  
    I still kept my eyes closed.  I then had my hands clawing at the air: I first felt Dashie's tail, then her flanks, then her back.  At last I felt for her mane, and grabbed it before I fell with a thud, and an "Oof!".  My eyes were still closed for another few seconds before I took a peek out of one eye, and I saw a few strands of mane fly up.  I then sat up and to my surprise, Dash had ACTUALLY saved my life!  My hands were still clenched tightly to big handfuls of her mane, so I crouched down low as Dashie then ascended.
    It was nightfall when we reached our original altitude, but this time, Rainbow decided NOT to go too fast, and was cruising at about a quarter of our original speed.  I sighed as I said, "Thanks, Dash."  I then let go of her mane, then laid down on her back to stroke the right side of her neck.  "...You...saved me..."  I can't believe I JUST did that.  Well at least we were alone.  "Always an honor to help..." Dash replied, but I can tell she was blushing - since my head was on the back her neck.  While I hugged Pegasus, I soon dozed off with her blowing mane covering me like a blanket.  I knew that this is what it feels like to fly with your own wings.  I'm no longer afraid...well to fly at this height.  But at least Dashie and I had an AWESOME time together.
This was inspired by this picture [link] , and my love for horses. SHE IS SO FRAGGIN' HOT!!! BTW, the fan character's name is Firetron the Hedgehog. I'm still working on his quill designs, but once the latest update has been published, I'll put the link in here.
What Airwolf is: [link]
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